Something for Everyone

At Tom Price Baptist Church we understand that most live in the world of rosters, and many are FIFO in this town.

We hope you feel welcome to come and go as needed. We don't mind if you come to church in high vis or tired from night shift. We understand that you have to leave early to get to sleep for your shift tomorrow.

We understand that you might join us once or for many years. We hope that you feel welcome join us, because Christian faith is done better together.

For many in Tom Price, family is a  long way away. We attempt to provide a number of programs that foster faith and foster community. At times we can feel isolated so we hope that you can find something that helps you become connected and supported.


The Fun Factory

The Fun Factory is is an activity based program which incorporates, game, craft and dance for children in pre-primary through to year 6.

It is held on Tuesdays, 2.30pm- 4:00pm, during second and third terms of the school year.

The kids have lots of fun!

Our mission:

Build People Up

Help People Grow

Because People Matter.

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Home Group

Home Group happens on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm, during the school terms.

It is a great time to go a little deeper on desired topics, pray together and share life together.

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Bible Studies

Know Your Bible (KYB) is an Australian wide women's Bible Study, which is run during the school terms here in Tom Price.  Each Tuesday KYB offers women an opportunity to meet together to learn more about the Bible. We also offer a caretaker for young children.


kids church

Kids Church happens each Sunday during the school year for children 3 and up.

Kids church is run through the worship service.

Children learn about the Bible and how it can have an impact on their lives.

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Broverbs, is a time where men can get together once a month, to do all sorts of different activities such as archery, wood chopping, or just heading out bush for a camp fire breakfast.

It’s a great way for blokes to simply hang out, get to know each other and do life together.


community BBQ

Who doesn't love a meal, a camp fire and friendship.

Each Sunday from 4pm. in terms two and three. we light the barbie and fire right out the front of the church for anyone to join us.

Bring along something to eat for dinner and make some new friends.

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Games Night

Tuesday Night Games Night, is hosted by Game Master Luke.

From 7pm we come together to play board, dice and card games,  all while we eat junk food .

Would you believe that we stream the night live on twitch and many people around the world watch us.

Games night is the ultimate geek night out.


Youth Group

Coming soon


More to Come